Seela Suhonen, Vice-Chairman and Webmaster

Hello hello, it’s your Vice-Chair(wo)man and Webmaster (a.k.a. the boss of this page, the official secretary, and Julius’ official emergency support) Seela talking!

As a freshman, straight out of high school at the first Sitz organized by NESU-Probba, I had no clue what did the much spoken NESU even mean. I was sitting on my right hand, terrified of the ‘’buffalo’’, having fewer, cold, hangover, and disappointment for failing my promise of never drinking Verǵi after high school. Little did I know then how tiny part of the whole community that specific Sitz party was and how it was only one of the dozens of NESU-events I will be attending to (even after learning the lyrics to Lammaslaulu) in the future.

My NESU story, as mentioned, started in Mikkeli in 2017. Still, the moment when there was no more turning back was when I was chosen as the Communications Coordinator of the NESU-Probba board ’18-’19. The board year gave me so much experience, memories, and new friends that I got quickly addicted to the NESU-spirit and started to think this wasn’t all from me yet. However, it took me a couple of years of sits, a couple of conferences, accepting that NESU-Kouvola will never exist, and one exchange semester away from all the shenanigans to apply for the NESU-Finland board, and well, here we are! Now I’m a 4th-year student at KY, happy to be back at the NESU-life and more than ready for the upcoming year with all of you, fellow nesuits.

As the Vice-Chairman and Webmaster of the board, I promise to keep this page as active as possible, keep the minutes clear and readable, stay in touch with our beloved community and outsource all questions about free iPhones to someone else. Also, I personally promise to be here for NESU during these exceptional times and hopefully see all of you as much as possible during the year. Finally, I’m extremely thankful to be able to continue the NESU-Finland legacy with our great board and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Let’s keep on nesuing,



Petra Käki, Head of Communications

“I don’t really know if this is my thing. However, one thing I do know: you can’t be sober in here!”
My beautiful comment after my very first (and confusing) Sitz party, NESU-Boomin Hyvät vs. Pahat -harkkasitsit. Well, we have come a long way since then and after a couple of years of running around in NESU I have come to a conclusion: yes, NESU is my thing and yes, you can be sober during Sitz party. 

So, who am I and how did I end up here? Long story (quite) short, my name is Petra Käki and I’m a third-year student from Tampere University. In 2018, it took a couple of long nights in Bola, after which I was determined to apply for NESU-Boomi’s board of 2019. I had the time of my life as a communications coordinator, and I also got to organize one little event called NESU Autumn Conference 2019. Since one year on the board was clearly not enough for me, I decided to do it all again (again, again, again..) and apply for the chair of the board and as a cherry on top, half a year later for the board of NESU Finland.

Although the big C has taken almost all of my enormous plans away and made everything more complicated, I’m very happy to see that NESU is still thriving! NESU has the power to surprise me time after time, and my goal is to spread this amazingness to as many people as possible. Thus, what could be the better place for me than to be the head of communications in NESU Finland? 

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I hope I can cheer you up with my content, as well as my presence, wherever it is possible.

<3: Petra / Head of Communications