NESU Dagen is an annual event where the new NESU Finland members get the possibility to meet each other and workshop a little bit about future guidelines. This year NESU Dagen took place in January in Lappeenranta and was hosted by NESU-Enklaavi.

NESU Dagen of 2016 started with the meeting of the NESU Chairmen while other enthusiastic Nesuits were already heading to a local night club to meet the others. Most of the NESU Dagen participants were arricing in Hytin VPK the day after when also the official program was about to begin.


When the left of the participans had arrived in Hytti on Saturday, the official program could be started with the NESU Finland country meeting. This was also a place to hear about how’s it going in other NESU cities and in the whole organization NESU Finland. After the meeting there were workshops for the new NESU board members and new representatives could get to know each other and share their thoughts about the upcoming year.

In the evening was waiting the price – a spectacular sitz party that most of the participants could hardly wait during the day. The sitz party consisted of the loved songs from NESU Songbook, programs of all NESU cities in Finland and good food offered by NESU-Enklaavi. After the sitz party there was a sauna and then there was a palju, and the party continued until the early morning.

The weekend was completed with a fantastic sillis on Sunday. After that it was eventually time to collect one’s properties, say goodbye and move outside where the buses were already waiting the wayfarers. All in all, we really had a blast in NESU Dagen and we are looking forward to meet again in the upcoming sitz parties in NESU-cities. The next NESU Dagen will be held in Oulu and hosted by NESU-Finanssi. See you there!

Text: Elisa Jokinen