March 27, 2013By adminBlog

Would you like a shot of green magic potion? Or do you like to watch a longhaired male toastmaster in a tight (also green) fairy costume singing sits-party songs? NESU-OPTIMI’s Magic sits-party in Joensuu was all that and even more. The magic theme brought together tens of magicians, Harry Potters, fairies and wizards. Also Santa was there. He gave presents to kind girls who would sit on his lap!

Our magical group of 50 characters had a very intimate sits party and OPTIMI really made us, ladies from KY, feel welcome. The afterparty was at a local nightclub Ilona, and many magic characters really showed some great dancing moves on the dancefloor. The dancing didn’t end until the bar close at 4 a.m. and it was time to go home.

Thank you OPTIMI, ladies from KY really had a magical night!

Mari Kaukonen,

NESU-KY ‘013

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