No clothes and freezing wind from Siberia? Why not? So we packed our bags, and ourselves, and started our journey to Lappeenranta. The sitsiparty was held in a basement of the student house. We arrived at the party venue slightly too early and got an invitation to visit Enklaavi’s guild room. Cheers for that!

The party venue was decorated in a truly minimalistic way. What comes to costumes, we saw plenty of foil, plastic wrap, tape and garbage bags. I think one of the most creative costumes was a furry mat. During the event we were privileged to see confusing yet fun videos made by Enklaavi. We also appreciated how innovative performances and competitions the guests had come up with.

The after party was at the basement too. There was drinking, music and dancing. Though you can imagine what it looks like when three boys dance in gift boxes. Also a successful after sitsiparty took place in a certain hallway.

Thank you NESU-Enklaavi, hope to see you soon!


– Janne Virtala, NESU-KY’013