Welcome back! In anticipation of the upcoming NESU Kesämöksä (due in 26 days!) the board of NESU Finland has taken a look at the year that is now (almost) behind us.

So how is being in the board like? Should you apply as well? And what is the square root of pi? Answers to at least two of these questions is in the following text. So grab some snacks, put on a song or two, and take a trip with us down the memory lane.

Antti Bergman


Gradually the sun is beginning to shine and students are allowed to again settle down to their summer jobs and vacation. The academic year has sure been eventful and at least compared to previous years penalized by the corona situation. The beginning of 2022 was still spent under quite heavy restrictions, which lead to postponing major events, but after the restrictions were lifted the spring was even more packed with all kinds of fun leading up to may day celebrations. After a long wait, we as a Nesu-Finland board were able to contribute to this event selection with our long awaited “Wappurundi” around easter. This three day long adventure was definitely the highlight of my year in the Nesu board.

If you think that you would like to use your expertise to get to develop and strengthen Nesu within Finland and want to be part of organizing unforgettable adventures for fellow students, I warmly recommend to apply to the Nesu-Finland board 2022-2023

As a treasurer of the board your main role is to take care of the day-to-day transactions such as invoices and payments. Also making sure that our financial reporting is taken care of according to laws and regulations is part of the treasurers tasks. In addition to these, treasurer also works especially with corporate relations representative in order to strengthen the financial position of the organization.

To be a treasurer a basic knowledge of accounting is helpful, and the knowledge of rules and regulations relating to organizations financial reporting might come in handy, but you can definitely manage the tasks without prior experience. The most important quality is the willingness to be an active member in the board work and put effort and your vision into good use to develop this union even further.

Looking forward to your applications


Wilma Korkeela
Head of Communications

After standing up in the Kesämöksä meeting last year to offer myself to be grilled with questions, I have not once questioned whether it was a good choice or not to apply for the board. When looking back, and scrolling through my camera roll, all I can say that the past year has been filled with experiences that I will continue to reminisce fondly with a smile on my face. 

From the moment we were chosen for the board a year ago it has been non-stop running. Although I was optimistic, I never would have believed that during the year I would get to participate in all the amazing happenings that have taken place in the last 10 months. I’ve got to tour around Finland for sits parties, Lappeenranta conference, Wappurundi and even take a trip to the South for another conference in Tallinn with my friends in the board. Despite us being based in different cities with great coordination and eagerness to participate in as many sits as we possibly can, many pictures as a proof, the whole board has united surprisingly many times during the year. As expected, I too, will confirm that the best thing about being part of the board has been the people and friendships gained.

Being Head of Communications – handling our social media content, emails, GDPR, member registry and guiding other CC’s of NESU boards – has given me the opportunity to learn even more about the lovely union and to see things from another perspective than in any other post I’ve previously been. Aside from all things communication, as Finski board is above all a team effort, I also got to be involved in launching the new NESU merch store and got the honorary responsibility to be named as a contact harassment person. No matter the position, with creativity and team work there is no limit on possibilities during the board year.

However, the highlight has been meeting so many new people around the country and seeing the famous nesu spirit in all the live events. I strongly believe that the best days of NESU are still to come. I can’t wait for next Autumn and get to see old and new friends with the brand new NESU songbook in our hands. But before that, see you at the Kesämöksä!

<3: Wilma

Sami ‘Chill’ Arnkil
Corporate Relations & Vice-Chair of the Board

Hello its me,
I was wondering how this year went so fast and now we are here (Shoutout to Adele).

Quite rough rock indeed but as always, the best time of my life.

I recommend warmly that each and every one reading this (and also the ones who don’t) would at least consider applying to the NESU Finland’s board at some point. Maybe even now?

I think it is great that the board is formed the way it is – people from various NESU-cities. We have an outstanding and active board (Shoutout to Seela, Antti, Simo, Miro and Wilma) and I believe that in the next board and way after that there will be great cobinations of eager nesuits and magical times ahead. I made a personal record of different nesu-cities visited during this year in the Finski board. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Got to represent you know.

As for the position Corporate Relations manager the main task is to – surprise surpsise – handle corporate relations. It can be for example about gathering money for the organization in order to keep things going, obtaining some goodies for an event, getting sponsors or other aspects like that. I worked especially with Helsingin Ekonomit during the year and for example Suomen Ekonomit gave nice stuff for Wappurundi. I have also been part of the upcoming song book project and tried to get companies to buy commercial space from the new book. That was however quite rare opportunity since new song book is released in every five years or so.

As for Vice Chairman there is not really that much to tell. Whatever Seela have needed I have tried to be there for her. As our board have done for every one of us during this year no matter what the official position is. In general if the Chair of the Board is absent, then I would have took control of the meeting for example. For now this did not happen though.

To sum it up, great year, great board, great organization. Apply now.

Best regards

Sami Arnkil