Miro Helminen and Salla Ahokas

Meet the Board ’22-’23 of NESU Finland Part 1

Hello again dear nesuits <3

It is the Country Representative & Chairman of the NESU Finland board ’22 – ’23 kicking things off for the introductions of the new board.

I have been here before so to speak, meaning that it is my second consecutive year in the NESU Finland board. Board ’21 – ‘22 was such a good time that I could not stop just yet so here we are. Last year I was the Projects Coordinator of the board and got to organize the return of the beloved wappurundi and now it is time for a slightly bigger bite of the responsibilities pie and I am beyond excited to see what this upcoming year has in store. When the new board got elected in the last summer cabin I immediately knew that good times will ensue, and now that we have been able to kickstart the action I can promise you that every single person in this board is in it with all their heart and you can set your expectations high for our work.

Now, as for the part you are all probably dying to hear; how many sitsparties do I have under my belt… Let me get back to you in a little bit but first some, if not more important, at least more representable facts about who I am. The name is Miro Helminen and I am a 5th year student from NESU-Optimi, Joensuu and I have been an active participant in all thing NESU since my freshman year in ’18 – ’19. During this admittedly rather long period of time, I have had the pleasure of working with many different boards in different positions and have made a bunch of dear NESU-friends along the way. My positions in NESU started as a freshman when I was chosen to be the Decorations Master for NESU-Optimi’s 2019 board, after that I had a year with no board responsibilities, but came back with a bang in 2021 when I worked as the Chairman of NESU-Optimi. As already mentioned I was also the Project Manager in the previous NESU Finland board and now the Chairman. That is quite the list and I feel it might not end up being much longer so this might very well be my last hurrah in other positions than just an enjoyer of NESU events so let us make it a rememberable one.

Miro Helminen at a party

Other than board positions I have also collected an assortment of NESU events and actually have been lucky enough to not have to skip a single larger-than-your-normal-sitsparty NESU-event since the start of 2019 so there is a few of everything and as it seems currently this stat is not about to change anytime in the near future. Oh yeah, the amount of sitsparties? As I am writing this the amount of legit NESU-sitsparties I have been to is 80 and on the publishing date it is time for number 81. The goal is to get to 100 before my time as the Chairman is over so you can expect to see me around.

We were asked to also give you our favourite NESU-memory and for me there are obviously a lot of very important and dear ones but the one that always pops into my mind first is my very first NESU Conference in the spring of 2019 in Turku. It is when I fell in love with NESU completely and irreversibly. I must admit I was a young, semi-clueless madman back then and as for my overall performance during the week, well, I will just say that it could have been noticeably better. Still going to the crown jewel event of this union as a freshman and not really knowing a lot of people there or what was going to happen before hand was quite scary and now that week holds a special place in my heart as quite possibly the best week of my life so far. As the closing note, I just have to mention that the application period for the autumn ’22 conference in Helsinki is open now as this is published and I hope to see you there, my application is already sent!

All the best,


Hello my dear NESUits! My name is Salla Ahokas and I am the Vice Chairperson and Communications Coordinator of NESU-Finland ’22-’23. Keep reading, and you might learn new things about me.

Let’s start with the basics: I am 24 years old and I am originally from Espoo. I am currently living in Lappeenranta, since I recently started my Master’s studies here and simultaneously joined NESU-Enklaavi. However, my NESU-career – if one can call it that – dates back to 2019 when I moved to Jyväskylä for my Bachelor’s studies. Fun sitsparties and amazing people drew me in and to this day they are the main reasons I keep coming back to as many events as I can.

Salla Ahonen

My fondest NESU-memory must be NESU-JKL’s Tunnusta väriä -sits in February 2020. I had a lovely time and I remember a person from NESU-Finanssi coming up to me and asking if I knew any Vätköplans at anyone’s house before we hit the afterparty. I simply told him: ”No, but let’s make it happen at my place!” It was the day I realized I want to attend as many NESU-sits as possible. Unfortunately I had to wait for 1,5 years for the next live one, but in the mean time I acted as Head of Marketing in the NESU-JKL board. And here I am today, 30 sits parties and 2 conferences later, honored to be a part of the NESU-Finland board and truly excited about what this year shall bring with it.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at many sits tables in as many cities as possible; you can spot me by my half white & half neon-yellow overalls.

All the best,