The past summer and fall were quite interesting for NESU-SHS, since this year we had the pleasure of doing a lot of collaboration with other Nesuits from Finland and Estonia and organize two special events:

In July we had the honour of organizing NESU Finland’s annual Kesämöksä event. Nesuits from all over Finland and Estonia gathered to Hamarin työväentalo in Porvoo and enjoyed a weekend of sun and hot weather with some old and new friends. During the weekend we chose the board of 2019-2020 for NESU Finland and -of course- organized a sitz party. The weekend was all in all very successful and we had a great time putting it all together.

Another exciting and unusual event we organized this fall was our first ever collaboration sitz party with NESU-KY, NESU Estonia and NESU-HEBS. It was so much fun to get to work together with our friends from other organizations and to learn from one another. The sitz went great and was a great way for our board to wrap things up as it was the last sitz of the year. Rest of the year we’ll concentrate on internal events and, of course, attending sitzes organized by other Nesuits.

Thank you everyone for this amazing year!

NESU-SHS’19, over and out🖤