Ulkkarisitsit, ulkkarisitz (n)

A serie of acts performed in order to go for an adventure to another
NESU-city and make incredible memories with awesome people 

“Ulkkarisitsit” is a common term used in NESU, and you’ve probably heard it atleast a few times. Basically it means that you pack your bag and go for an adventure to another city: NESU organisations all over the Finland are organizing events that aim to bring business students together. In most cases it means “sitz parties” because many of us love to get to know each other around a long table. You’ll get to have conversations with the people around you and sing compelling songs (it’s ok if you aren’t a virtuoso, it’s the feeling that counts). You’ll also follow the programs taking place on the stage performed by different groups or the toastmasters.

In this post we will first look into the role of proper preparation and how to get to the destination. Secondly, we guide you through the days before the ulkkarisitz and finally we get to the tips for the sitz day itself.

© Rasmus Karppinen


  1.   Check where you want to go and be ready when the enrollment begins

Usually there are a specific amount of tickets that people from different NESU cities can purchase. The amount depends on the nature of the event, and some events might be limited only for a few people from each city. Make sure you fill out the form in time and get a confirmation if you got yourself a ticket. You can find information about the future events from NESU calendar (www.nesu.net/calendar) and NESU organizations’ own Facebook pages. You can also be in touch with your own NESU organization’s communication coordinator (tiedottaja).

  1.   Book your trips and pay the ticket

Once you’ve gotten the confirmation that you got the ticket via email, it might be a good time to start booking your trips to the destination. It is often easy to travel by a train or a bus (or a ship!), but there can also be a possibility to a carpool. You may ask your own communication coordinator (tiedottaja) if there are others coming from your NESU-organization, so that you can book a ride together and start your sitz-hype already on the move! It’s important to pay the sitz ticket in due time so that everything runs smoothly for the organizers.

  1.   Accommodation

Usually you get the information about your accommodation couple days before the sitzparty. The info should get to you at latest the day that the sitz are held. All the hosts offering accommodations are part of NESU and the accommodation is free of charge. Usually you don’t need anything specific with you (ask your host), but you can always play it safe and take a sleeping bag with you. Remember to mark in the registration form that you’ll need accommodation!

  1.   Pack your bag

What to bring with you? A NESU songbook, something on the dresscode (usually your overalls and some theme element), a wallet and your ID, a toast gift, hygiene products or anything else you might need in the middle of the night or in the morning (+ a sleeping bag).

  1.   A proggis & a toast gift

When you’ll get the info if there’s other people from your NESU-organization coming to the party, you can start planning your own program. Usually every NESU-city represented will hold a proggis at sitz – it can be a song, a game, a spectacle or anything that is enjoyable for the participants (be sure to follow good manners). It’s a tradition that the proggis is somehow connected to the theme of the party (be creative!) or alternatively tells a story about your own NESU-city. Remember to bring a toast gift (toastilahja) with you. It can also be just about anything.

© Rasmus Karppinen

  1.   Prepare yourself for the night

If you book a trip that allows you to get to know to the city before the party – even better! Usually the participants arrive in different times and you may get some tips from the organizing team where to eat, drink or hang out. Make sure that you have gotten a message from your host and that you know how to get to the accommodation. Depending on your time of arrival you may have a possibility to go to your host’s apartment before the sitz. It may also be good idea to grab a snack as the night may continue late. Overalls on!

  1.   Helan går!

OK, now you’re all set up! Arrive on time and check your seat from the seating order presented at the venue. If the venue is far away, there might be buses taking you there. Make sure to check the Facebook event as every important detail will be posted there. If you click “Attending” or “Interested” you’ll get a notification every time there will be a new post. Make yourself at home and meet new people. It’s totally worth it!

© Rasmus Karppinen