Hi Everyone!

My name is Margrét Brandsdóttir and I am the new country rep from Iceland!

I took over this position during the conference in Tampere last November from Auður, and frankly I am excited to represent my country in NESU. I have been to four conferences and I started my NESU journey in Lappenranta and Tallin in autumn 2017. I can honestly say that there was no turning back after my first conference and I will be eternally grateful that Auður convinced me to buy a plane ticket to Finland and go to some conference I knew nothing about.

Unfortunately there is no active NESU work in Iceland other than the conferences, except for the Icelanders meeting once in a while to get moist. I can honestly say that it´s definitely a highligt of my semester getting to go to a conference, simply because every conference is special in it´s one way and frankly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us Icelanders that I take every chance I get.

Luckily I got to experience being a part of a organizing team as we organized the autumn conference in 2018 which took place in Reykjavík, Iceland. It was honestly one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life but also the most rewarding ones. I have so many fond memories from that conference and just want to thank everyone that took part in it.

I want to congratulate the organizing team from last conference, that took place in Tampere, for a awesome job and especially the head organizers Lassi and Benjamin. Five Icelanders, myself included, participated in the this conference. One of the Icelanders, the original Auður, was elected the President of NESU and it’s interesting to say that half of the NESU board are Icelanders now which I don’t believe happens very often.

Next conference will be in Jyväkylä and I don´t doubt that it will be one of the best ones yet. Hopefully I will see many of you nesuits there.

Over and out

Margrét Brandsdóttir