What, who, when and what?

What: NESU Conference

You have probably heard about the bi-annual spectacles that take place in different NESU-cities and have the specialty of creating life-long friendships and new learning experiences. The beginning of the year 2020 means that the application period to the Spring Conference of 2020 is starting soon, next week, so it’s a great time to start preparing for what’s coming. 


Who are the people attending these conferences? They are, of course, NESUits from different cities gathering as a big group of approximately 60 people. There are first timers, active participants, people from NESU-boards and conference troupers. The people who are behind the event are an operational team that’s prepared for everything. They are a true special force-group that takes care of participants and other stakeholders to assure the best experience possible. 

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NESU Conference is organized every spring and autumn. The arrangements start well in advance, and the organizer of the next conference is chosen approximately a year in advance. There is documentation about NESU Conferences starting from the spring of 1994.

Conference is usually a full week-long experience starting on Monday. There are also so-called ‘easy nights’ when you have enough time to do course exercises if you want.


Conferences take place in NESU-cities. Usually the program is put-up so that participants have possibilities to explore the city. All the transportations are planned and when it’s convenient the public transportation is used. 

The transportation to the Conference place (for example by a train) is at your own cost and you may want to book it as soon as you’ve received the schedule. Most probably there are others coming with the same schedule so let the networking start already on the move. Don’t forget to check the traditional pre-conference sits held in Tallinn, that way you get to kickstart your Conference trip already on Friday!

How much?

The Conference week costs 220 euros plus the transportation to the location. The 220 euros include accomodation, day program with the companies, most of the transportation, evening program such as a cottage, a sits party and a gala night and addition to that different surprises that the organizers have planned. 

During the week there are few meals offered but it is good to have some snacks with you and meals as lunches etc. are affordable on campus. You’ll have the best guides with you as the organizers study at the Uni themselves!

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Why the people keep coming back to the Conferences? It is said that the Conferences represent the deepest core of NESU spirit and that there is something almost magical happening during the Conference week. See it for yourself!

What next?

Apply to the Spring Conference! Application period is 13.1.-2.2.2020. Next Conference will take place in Jyväskylä 9.-15.3.2020 when the organizing team unleashes their potential with the theme of “Marketing in the Digital Environment”. Here are the head organizers’ thoughts about the NESU Conferences in general:


How you can recognize me in a Conference:
I’m drinking like a champion but I have never missed the day program.

How I first discovered NESU Conference:
Two old guys (Rami & Otto) forced me to participate and that is
how I lost my Conference-virginity in Vaasa 2017 Spring.

Why you should apply to NESU Spring Conference 2020:
We have a strong vision what kind of week we want to provide for you – dear nesuit. That vision could be described as “the conference of the century”. You probably do not want to miss out on this spectacular week.


How you can recognize me in a Conference:
Even though I love the cases in the day program, I thrive in the evening program.

How I first discovered NESU Conference:
My head organizing partner Jiri told me to apply on the last apply date to Lappeenranta & Tallinn conference in the autumn 2017 when I was a freshman and knew nothing about conferences. Haven’t regretted that decision.

Why you should apply to NESU Spring Conference 2020:
Our team has been to many different conferences and we believe we have mastered the concept for the week. Jyväskylä’s conference will blow your mind in every aspect during the week. Conference of the Century isn’t far-fetched.

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