Greetings from NESU-Boomi

Hello dear nesuits!

The old board of NESU-Boomi has now retired and the new group has taken the lead. We have six members in the board of NESU-Boomi. Four of us are first-year students, including our chairwoman, so we are a quite “fresh” board as we like to call ourselves.

Our year has started efficiently and in a good mood.  We are very excited about the future and we have made some good plans for the year. We are motivated to improve our activities and we already have made some progress, for instance with cooperation with companies. That’s how we can provide you even better experiences with NESU-Boomi!  This year we have five NESU-sits (including Vappurundi-sits), Autumn Conference and some smaller events like pre-parties and maybe sleepovers.

One our very much loved nesuit was in exchange last autumn, and we know that many of you missed him. If you also missed our senior nesuit, we are happy to tell you that he’s back! That’s why we wanted to ask some news from him. So here you go, a little interview of Lassi Viljakainen.

1. Tell us something about you

My name is Lassi and I’m 24 years old. What should I tell about my studies? I have my fifth year going on and I should graduate in the next year. I’m majoring in leadership.

2. Why did you join NESU in first place?

Back in the day my tutor was in the board of NESU-Boomi ry and he lurked me and few of my friends to sits to another city and that was the start of my journey. In the spring of the first year of my studies I started to go to sits more often because I got more and more friends from other cities and it was fun to hang out around Finland.

3. The best NESU memory?

There are probably a million of those best ones! Jyväskylä’s Conference in 2016 was fantastic and it had it all. The cases were good, and the evening activities were brilliant, so it stood up from my experiences. It was the first conference I attempted and before that I was organizing one in Tampere.

4. How many sits have you attended, and which one was the most memorable?

I haven’t updated my Excel since the latest ones, but I think that about 96 so I’m really close to hundred. I can’t tell which sits was the most memorable but I think the “Rundisitsit” has been nice and there is a great team spirit. Each of them is great in its own way.

5. We have Conference in Autumn so do you have anything to say about that?

The theme of the Conference is going to be Retail Revival. We have already started the project and it will be great. We have a brilliant team full of active people so I’m sure it will be successful. You should come and see it!

6. Greetings to NESU’s new and old members!

To the older ones I don’t necessarily have anything printable to say but you should of course graduate if it is on a plate soon. I want to courage the new ones to join fearlessly. Even if you don’t get all of your new friends from the first sits in another city you will get them later on. Of course Vappurundi is something you should experience as well as Conferences so be prejudiced and join the the fun events to get to know people!