Hello fellow Nesuits ♥

At the end of last year, a new board was chosen to NESU-Probba and the year 2019 kicked off with an adventure called exchange of power in Mikkeli. Soon after that most of the new and old board with active NESU-Probba members headed to NESU-Preemio’s organized NESU-Dagens! Therefore a huge thanks goes to NESU-Preemio, we had a blast!

This year we had a record in the attendees for NESU Spring Conference – three Babas! We were fortunate this year to have so many people to be able to spare a whole week to attend and represent NESU-Probba in Spring Conference. We will try to make it also next year, even though it may be tough due to our three week module system with limited amount of absences.

So far we have organized three sits – we have been quite busy! The first sits carried a theme of Finnish tourists with a breeze of summer warmth in the middle of January. The second one was for all our Soulmates near Valentine’s day.

This Monday we had our third sits called First at the Gym, Last at the Gym. The most witted minded ones probably already know where the name comes from, holding sporty and fitness theme. We started our day by getting our sponsored goodies, drinks and food and bringing them to the sits location Puska. Soon after that we got the main room set up with trash bags (or as we like to call them; tablecloths), drinks and food on the tables with nesuits’ name tags. We decorated the hallway, got the ticket sale place set up and we were ready for the evening. Sits were great! We had some amazing programmes, awesome song requests and great atmosphere! Than you everyone for the sits ♥

We have already started planning the next summer: there are amazing sits with spectacular themes coming up. Stay tuned for those! For every sits so far we have had many attendees from other NESU organizations which is awesome! We hope to see even more new (and old) faces at our sits during the summer.

Our break week is coming up and everyone is getting the feeling of spring which is just around the corner. Well, that means the best time of the year for university students is here: Vappu! We are pumped up for the Wappurundi and other Vappu events and sits organized all over Finland.

We are definitely looking forward for this year and what it brings us; hopefully nice summer MöBBA, amazing Orientation-week sits, and fancy GAB sits. Cannot wait for the upcoming year!

Sincerely and with a lot of NESU-love,

NESU-Probba ’19

Picture taken by Ahti Brummer @brahtilaiva