Greetings from Tampere!

The New Year is well underway. Even though, early in the year several events have been cancelled, we are excited about what is to come. A number of NESU organisations have already invited us to events and soon we will hopefully be able to organise our first sitzparties this year. So, it’s time to turn your eyes towards what’s to come.

Together with our board, we thought about the things we are waiting for this year. The first thing that rose to our mind was ulkkari-sitzparties. Our goal is to activate our members to go to other cities to other NESU-organizations sitzparties. NESU is all about cooperation and new friends and we are excited to be able to meet again all NESU members at events soon. We, in the NESU-Boomi board, are also already looking forward to travelling to other cities.

                                                                                                NESU-Boomi ´22 board at Holidate-sits in December.

Two years of corona time has been tricky for us all. However, we think that these two years of quiet life with only few events has created an opportunity for us to start our NESU-year from a clean slate. At the moment, new song books are being prepared and we would like to create something new too. Some traditions are important to preserve, but there is always room for new ones also. Maybe that something new is a new song, dance or perhaps a new proggis tradition but time will tell what that is.

The previous two years have taught us that nothing is certain. So, whatever this year brings, it is going to be awesome!

With love

NESU-Boomi ´22