Hello from Waasa!

What an amazing autumn it has been! We have had lots of things to do and it has been a great time. Luckily, we have had the chance to organize many sitzparties and meet new nesuits. New memories have been made and now we have lots of amazing experiences.

We have had five sitzparties this autumn, so it has been quite an eventful and busy fall. In September, we had two traditional sitzparties for freshmen and that was their chance to find out what NESU is and learn a little bit about sitz. We are happy to see that lots of freshmen have been very excited about NESU and our events! Like one of our freshmen said, she got a very positive feeling of NESU from the very beginning.

Here in Vaasa, we have had lots of nesuits who have been excited about ulkkari-sitzparties in other cities. Also, there were many participants from Vaasa in NESU Autumn Conference in Lappeenranta. They really enjoyed the whole Conference week.

In October, we chose our new board of NESU-Waasa 2022. We received lots of applications and then we chose our new lovely board from them. They are looking forward to the next year and the sitzparties they will be organizing <3

The board of NESU-Waasa 2022!

But now after this autumn, it is time for a Christmas holiday and we hope that we will see you soon next year!

and NESU-Waasa 2021

NESU-Waasa ’21