Greetings from NESU-HEBS!

The year 2022 has started very actively for NESU-HEBS. A new board with a lot of excited nesuits was elected. During the course of spring NESU-HEBS has participated in several ulkkari-sitzis and organized two sitzi parties.

The first sitzi party was Play Date Pre-Semma Sitzis, and the atmorphere was great. We enjoyed working together and organizing the sitzis and even more at the event itself as we got so many lovely people from around different NESU organizations to join us for the sitzi.

The second sitzi was held in cooperation with NESU-TuKy. Raksasitzi was organized in Turku, and it was a wonderful chance for us to get to know each other.

Overall, NESU-HEBS has been very happy and active throughout the spring and we are looking forward to activating our students to participate in NESU events and create wonderful memories. See you!




NESU-HEBS at NESU-Finanssi’s New Year, New Me remote sitzi party

NESU-HEBS at NESU-TuKy’s Vappusitsit