Greetings from NESU-Waasa

Summer is finally here! Hopefully, all of you reading this have survived Wappu and the Wappu plague. Our board members are currently enjoying the beginning of summer in different parts of Finland, so we would like to present you with a summary of board ’22 mishaps and entanglements to end this spring and jump-start your summer. Huge thank you to all who participated in our events <3 We would also like to thank all NESU cities for this successful spring and the many possibilities to take part in Sitz parties all over Finland!

NESU-Waasa’s year has been eventful. Because of the big C, our first event of the year was a remote Flip The Cup -tournament. Despite it held remotely, it was a huge success once again two years in a row. Fortunately, we also were able to do live events. NESU-Waasa had 4 Sitz parties this spring! So we have sat at the Sitz table every month. The First Sitz party of the year was sports-themed, where we got many sitz goers from all over Finland.

Our second Sitz party was part of the famous WYKYPÄIVÄT, which consisted of Wyky Sitz, a pool party in Tropiclandia, and sillis. Our Sitz party was Beach Party-themed. We got a great chance to sell combo tickets for our out-of-town sitz goers that included the Sitz party and also Wykypäivät.The weekend was rough but unforgettable. After the three-day Wykypäivät, ⅚ courageous NESU-Waasa board members started their trip toward NESU-conference in Tallinn, where they got to work with different cases and have fun with other NESU people <3

Our third Sitz party of the spring started the legendary Wappurundi, where three Sitz parties are held in three days in three different cities. Our party was held with a Midsommarfest theme, and we got 60 out-of-town sitz goers in addition to the members of NESU-Waasa <3 For us, at NESU-Waasa the ending and the height of this spring was our Wappu Sitz party NEVER STOP THE MADNESS. The day started with a Sitz party and was followed by an after party. All and all it was the best Sitz party of the spring to us!

The board of NESU-Waasa says thanks! Stay tuned to hear more about what we have planned for you for the fall 😉 But now, let’s enjoy the summer!

With love,

NESU-Waasa ‘22