Greetings from Pori! Like other NESU-cities, the beginning of the year was pretty quiet in Pori, and unfortunately, we missed many of the events we had been looking forward to. Despite the quiet start to the year, our board has been able to organize a couple of events. In February, we took part in Kämppäapprot held in Pori and had our own NESU-checkpoint there.

The highlight of the spring so far has been our board’s first sits party that was held last week. You could say it was at least a success, and we had a lot of fun. We were also very delighted to see many people from other NESU-cities at the sits party. Hopefully, we will continue to see just as many of you nesuits in Pori in the future.

In the spring, we still have a couple more events coming up that we are involved in organizing. We are especially looking forward to Wappu and all the fun events and activities held that week. See you in Pori!

With love,

NESU-PorKy ’22