Hello from Kuopio! 

We will unfortunately continue with a familiar phrase – like other NESU-organizations, the beginning of the year was pretty quiet for us because of COVID outbreak. From our part next NESU-sits parties will take their place in the autumn, we will hope to see many of you in Kuopio when the time comes! 

Despite everything, we have happily already met members from other NESU-cities. Enklaavi and Optimi were visiting us on February and among them were many members of their NESU-boards and organizations! We had a sits party together, our NESU-chairman’s were toasting and we continued the evening in our overall parties with Pandas. I hope our visitors get new friends from our Pandas. <3 

Part of our NESU-board and some other of our members travelled to Lappeenranta and participated in the NESU-Natten -sits. The rest of us were sick or otherwise unable to attend and we are still a little bit bitter we missed that trip – when the others had such a good time with other NESU-people in Lappeenranta. Maybe next time!

We wish joyful Vappu-time to every nesuits and hope to see all of you soon! <3

With love, NESU-Preemio