New year started with a bang! The team is filled with young and
responsible studs, who have made bosses life easy.
We have tried to be active in NESU community by visiting other
cities parties. Jarno and Teemu took part in wappurundi and
in their words, it was: “Immeisen parasta aekoo.”
We have already held all our sitsi-parties this year. Our Musisointi-sits
were a successful and fun event even though we had big troubles
activating our own members. We had a lot of NESU people from other
cities and many told they enjoyed a lot! ”F*cking great sits even though
I was seated between Max and Aleksi…” – unanonymous Optimi member.
Our wappusits were a blast also! We had a full house of people and
it was crazy. Even two rats from Boomi ry (Elise and Aino-Elina, anyone surprised?)
found their way there.
We hope to see you in Kuopio someday!
Best regards,