The new NESU-Probba board has truly enjoyed the beginning half of 2017! This year we have an eight-member board that consists of Maija Saari (president), Konsta Pajarinen (vice president), Janika Tikkakoski (treasurer), Aino Ranta (corporate relations), Erika Natunen (communications), Dora Lilja (event coordinator), Janika Trebs (project coordinator) and Daniel Collinson (program coordinator).

The year started with the entire board representing in Oulu at NESU-Dagen, where we met the boards of other cities, learnt more about NESU and made memories and friends to last for a long time. Only a few days later we had our first sitsparty in Mikkeli, NESU-Probba’s Drunken Pirate sits, which was a success! We had a full house, people had a great time and we saw how well we work together as a team.

After that we have been even busier: In 2017 NESU-Probba turns 10 years old, so we had a fancy sitsparty in honour of that in March. In April, we hosted a Thesis sitsparty for our second-year students who had just finished their theses and most of their studies in Mikkeli, and in May, we had a Harry Potter themed sitsparty, which ended our NESU-spring with magical atmosphere.

In addition to all this, we have been extremely active when it comes to visiting other cities’ NESU-events! There has hardly been any sitsparties without one or more Probba representatives, which we are really proud of – all the NESU-cities of Finland and Tallinn have been conquered by us in these four months. It’s great to see how engaged and interested our Mikkeli people are in attending NESU-events!

Last but not least, unlike in most NESU-cities, in Mikkeli our NESU doesn’t stop working during the summer: since we study through the summer, we also have sitsparties! The first one will take place in Probba ry’s Juhannus event in cooperation with our student board. The second and bigger event, NESU-Probba’s summer-sitsparty, will be on 15th of July and is open for ulkkaris as well! If you feel that you simply cannot wait until August or September to get back on the sitstable, this is the event for you. Make sure to be there and experience this sunny sitsparty!

Helan går, so on and SKÅL!

NESU-Probba ’17