Hello everyone and greetings from NESU-SHS!

The year is soon coming to an end and new NESU boards of 2019 will take over the activities. The whole year has been very busy for us and when thinking back on it, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In the beginning of the year we celebrated our 5-year anniversary with many of our fellow NESUits and Hankeits. It was truly a night to remember and we are looking forward for the next 5 years and how NESU-SHS is going to develop. We also had the honor to organize the NESU Spring Conference 2018 in collaboration with NESU-KY in March. The famous Wappurundi 2018 also started from Helsinki and NESU-SHS with our Tiki-bar sitz.

This fall we have been active in all the freshmen activities and we have already got some new members to NESU-SHS which we are happy about. Our only sitz for the autumn was the Sport-sitz where we all enjoyed an active evening together with many of SHS exchange students! A game-night was organized in October and we continued the joyful night to Heidi’s Beer Bar.

Our new board will be selected 1.12. and the rumor has it that the board will be younger than the current one. We wish them all the best and hopefully they get a busy year with a lot of new experiences! And lastly, don’t forget to come to the next Kesämöksä which NESU-SHS will organize during the summer 2019.

Enjoy the rest of the year and SKÅL!

With love,