The years 2017 is almost over and it’s soon time for the NESU-TuKY board of 2017 to pass their responsibilities on to a bunch of new great nesuits. But before that let’s take a look at what has happened this year.

The year 2017 has brought some new concepts to NESU-TuKY. In addition to the traditional sitzparties like the Ruissitzparty and the Riverboat sitzparty we arranged an excursion sitzparty to Paimio together with TuKY’s Cultural Committee, a Great Annual Ball sitzparty with KY-Gourmet and a case day with TuKY’s Corporate Relations, where we did casework for Academic Work and Slush. The case day replaced the former NESU-cruise, that for years took nesuits on board to do some cases and have fun. However, all good comes to an end and this autumn we decided to let this concept go and arrange a case day followed by a cruise-themed sitzparty instead.

Our first event this semester was of course the Practice Sitzparty for our freshmen and it was a huge success. We got a lot of positive feedback and freshmen excited about NESU. We also arranged a Bunny Cocktail for the freshmen to tell them more about NESU, sitzparties in other NESU-cities and the Conferences.

In November a new board for NESU-TuKY was elected. The board of 2018 has seven enthusiastic women on it and now more than ever the saying “Turku is more beautiful” will describe the reality. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of events these lovely ladies will arrange for us next year.

All together NESU-TuKY ’17 has had an amazing year. We had 18 events in Turku and participated in many others all over Finland and in Tallinn. Awesome new friends, new experiences, and great memories – that’s what our year in NESU has been all about.

With love