Since we’re already nearing the end of 2017 it is time to turn our sights towards the approaching 2018. The new board of NESU-Waasa is both excited and eagerly awaiting for the things to come. Thanks to the active class of 2017 we have formed an excellent new NESU-board, and we’ve gained a lot of great new NESU-actives. In other words, our basis for the new year is excellent, but there’s always work to be done to improve our organization and its functions.

We have our work cut out for us, and we’re early in our preparations for the NESU-filled spring semester ahead of us. The year starts in January with NESU-Dagen in Joensuu and we’re coming there full force with the aid of a few active members. We’ve also set our sights to holding our board’s first sitz party in Vaasa by the end of January, to which you all are invited to join.

In spring we’re also hosting the Wykysitz the night before our Wykypäivä -event and of course, the traditional Vappu-sitz will also be arranged this year. Our hope is to attract a lot of people from other cities to visit Vaasa, and we promise to visit as many of other NESU-cities’ events as possible! It is our job to make sure that none are left unsatisfied and thirsty for NESU during the summer, so we’re arranging the legendary NESU Summer Cottage event this coming year. More details of the “Möksä” will be added later, and we’re paying close attention to the location this year to get as many eager participants there as easily as possible.

For our new year’s resolution, we’d like become even more of a one NESU-family from Vaasa.

However, not to get ahead of ourselves, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hopefully we’ll be seeing each other a lot.
NESU-Waasa ’18