Hello all NESU-members!

This year has begun with the great flow here in Kuopio. The whole year started with NESU-Dagen which was a huge success. Our new team had a tough beginning but I bet that the rest of the year won’t cause difficulties.

Our work for NESU has a solid base and now we have an excellent chance to take things forward. Last few years we have had more and more people who are excited about NESU. NESU-Preemio has become more visible than ever. Last year I had to run from city to another almost without fellow students but now my team is even more active than I. Special mention to last years team which members are still in love with sits-parties. I’m very pleased with my new team; they are active and they are truly thrilled about NESU. I think that hard work has paid off and we are going to continue with the same spirit.

In a few weeks, we are organizing our first OPM-sits for NESU. We are looking forward to this event and all those people who are coming to celebrate with us. Let’s see is this event a success or a huge success.

With NESU spirit

– Emilia Honkanen Chairman of NESU-Preemio