Holla at ya dear nesuits!

The year has started wonderfully also in Pori! Nesu Dagen at Kuopio was a great start to the year, all thanks to Nesu-Preemio! Nesu-PorKy represented with a record breaking amount of participants, a couple board members from last year were also joining with our new even bigger board ’19! This year our board consist of 6 members which implies that we are growing and really spreading the nesu spirit, making it even more visible in Pori. For the first time ever, the new board has different tasks and therefore, we are becoming more of a board than a team. The content of the tasks are still shaping and defined during the year, and it is all about the doing-together spirit!

We are excited for the year ahead! We organize four nesu sits during the year and the Nesu Dagen 2020 will be held in Pori! As many of you may know, the sits parties can get quite wild in Pori so, the new board has big boots to fill!

Now to the most important part, we are organizing our very first nesu sits on 27th of March. The theme is Speed Dating so it’s an excellent way for nesuits to network and get to know as many people as possible! We are welcoming everyone and hope many could make it even though the other events on the same day. We hope to see you in Pori soon!

Best regards,

NESU-Porky Board’19