On Friday, 11th of October the KY’s international week guests, hosts and organizers all gathered up at the KY-building’s alakertsi for the Alien sitsi party.

It was the first sitsi party organized by this years NESU-walruses so excitement was in the air as the walruses entered alakertsi at 12 am on the day of the sitsit. Thankfully, the walruses did not have to stand alone, as their horde was led by the previous years NESU members.

The organizing had already begun on the previous day with a visit to the wholesale store which leads us to the story of a 1kg fish that mysteriously disappeared during the night. The missing fish could not be located despite the massive investigations, and it might still be lurking somewhere in the depths of alakertsi. Despite this setback the cooking and organizing started immediately. At exactly 7 pm all the walruses were  waiting excitedly for the guests to arrive.

The song Helan går echoed at alakertsi a little past 7 pm, and this meant that the sitsi party had officially started. The unbelievably great toasts were Aleksi Halttunen, Liisa Helle and the already graduated Joonatan Lintala. The language of the sitsit was exceptionally english as the guests were of many nationalities, the toasts didn’t let this slow down the show as they kept up the great international atmosphere from the beginning to the end. Even the walruses begun to relax after a while and the first ever walrus proggis “pop the balloons with your bodies”-competition turned out to be a crowd pleaser.

There were many performances during the evening as all the visiting countries had prepared a proggis for us to see. Especially a dance performance by the japanese visitors was memorable with backup dancer boys whose talent could reach international stages. The ukrainian Tropak dance and the indescribable “Salil eka, salil vika” -style performance by the organizers of the week were also ones to remember.

The sitsi party was over a little after 11 pm and the guests started to head off to the nightclub Tiger as walruses begun cleaning alakertsi. Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts with the mop and the rag by the walruses, alakertsi was once again shining. After the intensive cleaning, the majority of walruses chose to head home, but some eager ones decided to roam free in the night of Helsinki.

Photos: Anni Kankaanranta

Text: Josefiina Kotilainen, Joel Kaidesoja

& NESU-KY ‘013 Communications