KY GOES HALLOWEEN 2013 from NESU KY on Vimeo.

18.10.2013 klo 7:02

Last night was the most extraordinary experience of my life. My physical state is horrible, not to mention my mental suffering. I’m trembling…

17.10.2013 klo 18:02

The atmosphere in basement is unusually brooding and the space is decorated with spider webs and bats on the walls. Couple of pumpkins with a grimly grimace set the mood by the bar. The long tables set in basement are still empty but I see weird looking crowd moving in the staircase. I’m sure to see a lady with fangs and there are bloody people everywhere. As I enter the table I’m instantly accompanied by a gentleman with green face and screws on both temples. Bothered a bit by his constant drooling I start to enjoy the appetisers that is a Carelian pasty camouflaged as a mummy.

17.10.2013 klo 18:30

A bright woman singing voice breaks the silence of the sitsi party people.  She’s joined by a strong voice of a man dressed as The Phantom of the Opera. Their combined voices give me the shivers. Suddenly coffin at the corner of the room spreads open and a vampire like creature steps out and for a moment  I’m lost in the verbal dance of the three. Then Helan går fills up the basement and the sitsi party is on.

17.10.2013 klo 20:24

My mood rises as I notice not to be the only teekkari of this party. A neighbour from Otaniemi called Teppo hangs around- with a hanging rope around his neck. A blue drink gets me even higher, at least enjoyed with one sip. The hosts have prepared an emotional video that tells the story of cruel doom of The Phantom of KY-building. The video makes my eyes teary. For my great surprise The Phantom makes its final appearance and comes to glean the one it has been craving for: the superwalrus patch. The kylteri guests entertain us with their awesome proggis’ and “Nesus eka Nesus vika” – performance by NESU-Boomi’s” people is one to remember.

17.10.2013 klo 22:29

As I try to have a sophisticated conversation with the person sitting next to me everyone makes it really clear that this night is all about singing together. I ask the waiter to remove the bloody finger from my dessert but he claims firmly it to be part of the dish. I also make a comment of his bloody ripped clothes but the only answer I get is a stare full of disbelief from another table. I decide to lift my spirit with the bottle of friendly Tallinners.

17.10.2013 klo 23:49

The Thiller seems to make growd move tonight. Kylteri girls are more pale and cold than usual but that doesn’t stop anyone from partying till dawn.

18.10.2013 klo 03:50

Highlight of the evening. Only me and her on the dance floor. I stare eye to eye with a pumpkin as she goes “My place or yours?” with a gentle smirk on her face. The rainy Helsinki has never looked so beautiful.

Photos: Ira Sydänmaanlakka, Emilia Perttu
Text: Ari Piik, Ira Sydänmaanlakka, Kaisa Mäkikangas, Karoliina Kujala

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