A sitsi party where the food isn’t completely cold? And you actually want to eat it before engaging in any sort of random conversation with the person next to you? Sounds nice. But how about a sitsi party where you can get, on top of all that, a cocktail served to you with just a wave of a hand? Now that doesn’t occur every time. But, when there’s a reason to, we make it happen. And what would be a better excuse for all that than KY, the Association of Economics Students in Helsinki, celebrating its 102nd birthday?


The sitsi party wasn’t typical in many ways. We wanted to keep this event small and elegant so we sold only about 70 tickets, and almost all of the guests were KY members. The venue for the party was different than the one we usually use and the decorations were classy – no self-made palm trees this time. Instead, there were candles, lots of fabric to soften the look and red roses were handed out to the female guests by our chairman Henri and treasurer Ville. Boy, don’t those guys know how to win over every girl’s heart!

If all that, along with the delicious food and actual cocktails, was not enough to set the mood light and full of laughter, we still had a few tricks up our sleeves. The toastmasters did their job well. It was the first time up on that stage for our own vice chairman and the head of communications, Viljami! As for Jens, well, I don’t think anybody knows how many times he has been a toastmaster… But nonetheless, that duo made sure we had fun!

The evening was entertaining in many ways – it was full of singing, joking and performances. Maybe the best performance of them all was the appearance by KY’s female singers. Their singing was amazing – I know I was blown away with it! The sitsi party itself went great and I hope everybody enjoyed the evening! As for myself, the sitsi party has to be one of the best ones I have ever been to.


– Veera Soini, NESU-KY’013