This Spring has started off with quite a whirl! We’ve been able to gather together a few times, including the time we organized our first ever remote sits party (yay!). During these few months we’ve managed to discovered our mutual love for different games, generally board and card games, so we decided that now when we had the chance to spend an evening together despite our crazy schedules we’d play some games together (again).

Meeri planning how to proceed to win the game.

The chosen games have always varied and we’ve managed to keep things friendly though some of us are more competitive than others. Unfortunately, since all of us have some studies and other responsibilities to attend, we only had time to enjoy each other’s company for a long evening. The evening began by playing cards and deciding who of us is the best strategist in which game.

As the evening progressed, we got to know each other via a platform which has become really familiar to all nesuits during the remote events: Kahoot. Every member of our committee prepared a few questions about themselves and these are some of the things we found out:

  • As a kid Enni wanted to be a waitress-writer and Tia was the one who new her the best.
  • Enni and Eerika have the most siblings and Juho V. the least.
  • Juho V. was also accepted to study process technology.
  • Juho V. doesn’t like J√§germaister.
  • Meeri has had pink, blue and purple hair.
  • Meeri and Eerika are cat persons and Enni and Tia are dog persons.
  • Meeri’s favourite book is The Kite Runner.
  • Eerika has 12 piercings, all of them in her ears.
  • Eerika’s favourite ice cream is either chocolate or salmiakki.
  • Tia has six tattoos and her favourite drinks are white wine and minttu-choco Leijona.
  • Tia had the most pun questions and Juho L. knew her the best.
  • Eerika is the shortest of us. And Juho L. the tallest.
  • Juho L. was the fastest to answer to all of the questions.
  • Juho L. has never attended Rundi or a Conference.
  • Even though Juho L. has played a lot of sports, he has never played base ball.
  • On average, Enni knew all of us the best.

During the Kahoot there was some friendly competition between our Juhos when one of them screwed up the last question and then lost the game entirely, can you guess which one it was?

Our Chairman checking if he's still got the skills to clean up after sits parties

Also, because we haven’t had the chance to organize and clean up “normal” sits parties, our chairman Juho decided to spill a little (more than once) just so he could mop it and to check that he wasn’t out of practice ūüėÄ

– It turned out that he wasn’t!

The evening continued on to a remote sits party so we stocked up with some food and reorganized the living room to be suitable and roomy enough for all of us. We also got to play dress up when we made Juho V. the image of a festival person prepared to anything. He was waring a beautiful hat for the hot weather and a few pair of sunglasses just in case one or two pairs end up lost somewhere. Also a lei, because it’s necessary! We didn’t forget to dress him up with something warm to prepare for the chilly nights; he also had a Vuoden Harmain P√§iv√§ scarf wrapped around his chest as a top if you will.

Us during the last song of the sits party.

During the evening we learned to appreciate more the differences and special knowledge of each of this years NESU-Finanssi committee members. We are happy to have a group with unique personalities and talents to develop the NESU spirit in Oulu.

We have love the little fun rivalry we have during our game nights and wish that we could spend more time together, hopefully next during the Who are they-video series.

To find a short video of our whole evening, go visit our Instagram. We encourage you to have fun game nights with your friends as well, they are really educational and relaxing. We are happy to help you pick a game or suggest one. Good luck with the end of the semester and stay safe you guys, where ever you are!

With love,

NESU-Finanssi ’21