The global pandemic situation has got really unfortunate in Estonia and especially in Tallinn. At the moment, almost every place here have to keep their doors shut and everyone must stay at home. We have been studying on distance since last spring, so from our point of view, this makes not that big of a difference. Even though the circumstances are miserable at the moment, our board is still optimistic that this year will get better after a rocky start. Hopefully we can meet in person with all of you soon!

Luckily, before every place had to close their doors, we managed to spend a fun day with our board of 2021. Let´s cheer up our minds and take a look how we spent the day with the board in the beginning of February!

Our day started with a wonderful self-made brunch which included avocado toasts and other delicacies. Of course, let us not forget refreshing mimosas we had. Since our board members like mimosas so much, we also tried mixing orange juice with red champagne for a change.

Our hopes were high. We were sure that we had invented something big. Maybe a new hit drink, one would say.
Maybe this will taste like sangria”, thought one of us.
Even though the drink indeed did look a bit suspicious and arouse some concerns among us, we decided not to be superficial and gave this taste experience a change.


Not a success.
Here are some reference pictures of our event coordinator Veikko´s first taste of our invention. After all, we can promise that this will not be the drink we will be serving to you when you finally get to visit us in Tallinn someday.

Later, after we had recovered from the tasteful and partly not-so-tasteful brunch, we took a tram ride to Elamusgolfikeskus on Vabaduse Väljäk to have a match on minigolf. The competition between board members was rough and every one of us had got to the golf field for only one reason: winning in mind. After a tough competition, the winner was found. Turns out, that the best golfer among us was our Chairman Niina. Congrats to her!
If you ever look for a place to minigolf in Tallinn, we highly recommend Elamusgolfikeskus. They also have nice aquariums with catfish which made our chairman really happy as you can see from the picture below.

After minigolfing we were very hungry once again, so we headed to a mexican restaurant to have dinner together. After an enjoyable meal (and sharing a couple sangria jugs) we spend the rest of the night by enjoying each other´s company and playing fun games together.

A Saturday well spent we would say.

Best regards,
The board of NESU Estonia