This early year has been far from how it would normally look for us here in Joensuu. Luckily we still have looser restrictions for gatherings than most of Finland, so we have been able to gather together with the board a few times to get to know each other better and have some fun. We have not yet had the opportunity to organize any official events, but that wont be the case for too long as vappu is coming and so is the tradition vappu-sitsparty, which we have reinvented so that there will not be too many people in the same room at once. Sadly we wont be able to have any ulkkaris there so we still have to wait for a later date to see all of you lovely people here in the capital city of eastern Finland.

We spent our evening together by organizing a house appro where each one of the board members hosts a small game for the others at their own home. Due to schoolwork we were only able to kick off the party in the early evening when the beautiful Joensuu spring had already decided to turn into a blizzard. This made sure that the walks between houses would be anything but boring.

The evening provided us with some important new skills (how to drink schnapps in an entirely new way, for example) and gave us a whole bunch of new knowledge on different versions of the card game bus driver. Other activities included finding out who are the beer pong champions of the board and a blind tasting of some of the finest delicacies the finnish brewery-scene has to offer, such as KOFF and their version of the long drink.

The whole house appro proved to be a worthy challenger for our wellbeings and some of us had to tap out before completing the final checkpoint. To make up for the potential party time lost due to actually doing some studying we continued the evening even after the last checkpoint with general hanging around and the bravest warriors kept going until the sun was already up in the next morning.

All in all the night was a huge success and the next morning there might have been some slight symptoms of having a great time the night before. 🙂


Best wishes,

NESU-Optimi board’21