Thanks to the relatively loose Covid restrictions here in Kuopio, our board was able to get together and participate in our first non-remote event of the year, the Preemio barbeque evening. After a long year of studying, we were very excited to spend a nice evening with our fellow students.
Our board had a really good time at the event and the evening lived up to its expectations. We ate some food (which was free by the way, sponsored by our Kylli!), drank a few beers and enjoyed the nice weather. It was the perfect way to start our preparation for the long-awaited vappu week.
There weren’t any specific activities at the event, which was fine. We were just happy to catch up with our friends after a long and challenging year. I really don’t have anything else to say about our evening, so here are some pictures to sum it up:

Looks like these boys appreciated the free sausages. I heard both of them ate 4 each 😮

Our great leader, Hermanni, seemed to also enjoy himself.

Hermanni couldn’t take the heat, so he decided to go for a swim.

After all, we are still looking forward to get rid of the restrictions and when that happens I promise the Sitsi-culture in Kuopio will rise like the morning sun rises from behind the Kallavesi at beautiful summer nights.

Best regards
The board of NESU-preemio