Thanks to relatively chill restrictions here in Mikkeli, our Board has had many opportunities to spend time together and get to know each other better. Although we already have a good spirit among students in Mikkeli, our Board has got so close that one could refer it to a family.  We decided to spend some quality family time together. We played games, made dinner, and took a walk to watch the sunset.   

The food choice was relatively easy. Since it was a Tuesday, we decided to make tacos and tortillas with all kinds of fillings. We also enjoyed some nachos and ice cream for dessert.   


As our lovely NESU Board shirts finally arrived, we asked a good friend Rasmus to come and take the official Board pictures that we will later post to our Instagram and   

We played ‘Otsapokka’, and as you can see from the pictures, confusion was very much present in our games. We had a lot of fun and recommend you try it if you’re up for a good laugh! 😀

Finally, when the Sun began to set, we headed to see the beautiful sunset at our local peak, Naisvuori. We listened to some old hits and just vibed along with them. The atmosphere was very chill while the Sun showed its last rays and was getting ready to let the darkness take over. 

This night left us feeling optimistic about the future and knowing that we will bring the sits back stronger than ever! Hence, this was a perfect ending to a very much needed family evening.

With all love,

NESU-Probba Board ’21

#nesulove <3