NESU-Probba sends their hello’s from Mikkeli!


The fall has gone by very fast and it’s already November! Wow! We have been quite busy here in Mikkeli. Organizing the traditional O-week sits and introducing the new freshmen to our NESU-community was a great start for the semester. Those sits were the largest ones we organized this year, and the atmosphere was ideal for spreading all the NESU löööve to the new freshmen!


Soon after, it was finally time to gather all the NESU ’21 boards (safely) to Mikkeli and have the long-awaited Dagen sits! The color range of overalls was unusual and the NESU spirit was high! Once again, massive thanks to all who participated <3







Last week it was time to upgrade the dress-code as the traditional GAB sits attire was inspired by the Casino Royale 007 movie! Our overalls got a small but well-deserved break. Luckily, the break won’t last too long as our final sits of the year are just around the corner.

Although all these sits parties might sound like a lot of work for our board, we have remembered to take care of our well-being too! A sauna night and traveling to other NESU sits parties have been our quality time together.

We are glad to see that the NESU lööööve has spread around our freshmen and they have also been enthusiastic on sitsing here in Mikkeli and elsewhere. A direct quote from a freshman shows how the NESU spirit has spread in Mikkeli:

“Sits are different from all other events, unique. They’re an essential part of Finnish student culture. During sits, you get to meet new people and bond with old friends. That’s why I think Nesu-Probba plays a crucial role in the student life here in Mikkeli. And whether it’s singing the 10th verse of Jallutähden alla or doing a creative proggis, I’m always having a good time.”

With those words, the future of NESU-Probba looks bright, and our board is confident that the NESU-löööve will continue to spread also after we retire. (yhyyyyy)


NESU-Probba ’21