Greetings from Jyväskylä! 😎



We are doing very well here in Central Finland. Now that all of the events have been in person many members of NESU-JKL have been active and participarted in the sits in various cities from Oulu to Tallinn! It has been especially heart-warming to see that it is not always just us board members, but even freshmen have been going together and apparently had a blast!

Our own sits were great success as well. The tickets sold out in seconds even though the sale started at four in the morning. Also there were more demand from the other cities that we unfortunaly could provide. Hopefully we will meet everyone in the future!

Another sits are also coming at the end of this month, so very soon. These are special type of sits here in Jyväskylä as participants can take friend with them who is or is not from NESU.


Soon there will be the elections of the new board election and we hope that that many new eager nesuits from Jyväskylä will apply. We are also considering a possibility to add new role to the board for the next year: graphic designer.


Thats all for now folks. Hopefully we will see you soon! 🤩


Forever yours

Nesu-JKL Board ’21 🔥