Hey all,

Today is NESU-HEBS time to write on the blog. Those who don’t know us yet, we are Estonian Business School students in Helsinki Campus. This fall has been so busy for NESU-HEBS. We have been busy introducing our students to NESU and making unique events for our students.

One of the goals for this year has been making NESU more well-known among students, so we have done. We were involved in organizing an intro week together with HEBS RY, and we were able to tell the freshmen about the opportunities brought by NESU. We also had our beer pong night in the fall, and yesterday we had this fall’s NESU sitz-party. We have also been actively involved in the activities of HEBS RY throughout the autumn and bringing NESU people to our other events as well.

One of the best autumn moments was when we got one of the freshman boys to go to Mikkeli for the Ulkkari sitz-party with us. Here is a picture of us in Mikkeli.