Greetings from Pori! The autumn has been a great one for NESU-PorKy. It’s has been wonderful to see things starting to go back to normal and to be able to meet everyone face to face. We have made many unforgettable memories during the past months and now we would like to share some of them with all of you.

At the end of August, we took part in our orientation week. We welcomed our new students to Pori and, of course, told them about NESU. It was fun to meet new people as well as some old friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, we were unable to organize the annual sits party for our freshmen at the beginning of the fall. Due to restrictions, we had to postpone the sits. However, we were eager to get to know the new students better and to spread the joy of NESU to them. Therefore, we decided to host a “NESU-school” in September. There, our freshmen got a small foretaste of the sits culture, and they found the event really fun.

In October, half of our board also got a chance to represent NESU-Porky in Mikkeli, where NESU-Probba organized the Dagen sits. It was a fantastic evening full of singing, new acquaintances, and awesome memories.

The absolute highlight of the autumn for us has been our Halloween sits party, which took place this week. The event was the first physical sits party that our board got to organize, and it was a success. The freshmen got to know the sits culture even better, and many older students came to revise their sits skills. We are also really flattered that we got many participants from other NESU-cities as well <3 It was a night to remember!

All in all, NESU-Porky’s fall has been successful. We have done our best to make NESU as visible as possible to our new students. According to our little research, the freshmen in Pori have understood the idea of NESU quite well and have enjoyed our events. Now we are looking forward to upcoming events and, without a doubt, our next sits parties. We hope to see you in Pori!

With love
NESU-PorKy ’21