You know,

Everything comes to an end and it’s my turn to wrap up the past year through the lenses of NESU President.

First, what accomplishments were enjoyed during the year?

We experienced the greatest online events, such as the first and the last online Conferences organized by Oulu and Vaasa, online NESU-Dagen, remote sits parties and the very first NESU Talks, thanks to all active NESU teams. These events will remain in history as we also tackled the restrictions, and we have a future. This future brings the first NESU Conference in person after one-and-half-year next week in Lappeenranta. Country representative meetings were organized between me, Auður, Julius, Niina and Seela, thank you for your companionship and input. Responsibilities and the way of electing Estonia’s country representative were agreed between NESU-Estonia and NESU HEBS and there is black on white about it. As Finnish speaking I was also welcomed to participate in NPV meetings, which was nice.

NESU Summer Cottage 2021 happened in person! (photo by me 😇)

What was getting a good initiation? 

By knowing your history you understand your present and can affect your future. For that reason, Julius Gran and Daði Björnsson’s previous investigation hobby of NESU history was stolen to take a step forward to ambitious goal of gathering 70 years of NESU history inside book covers. We experienced that gathering was happening not at all too early as it has been behind hc work to reach sources for a comprehensive histrography. Numerous people have given their precious time for the project: Sami Arnkil, Mikaela Gardemeister, Ilinca Cozma, Ellen Nissinen, Julius Gran, Miro Helminen, Hannes Eerola, Elle Luukkala, Juuli Pekkonen, Niina Kujanpää, Benjamin Silvani, Auður Elísabet Guðrúnardóttir, Sanni Lehtonen, Emilia Honkanen, Elias Laitinen, Noora Lähdesmäki, Olga Tuominen, Auður, Tommi Hokkanen, Janina Korhonen, Tia Rahkila, just some to mention. If everything runs smoothly the book will be published in Tallinn’s Spring Conference 2022. If I don’t count wrong, it’s NESU’s 75th anniversary year or 50th depending how you count.

From the archives: 1986 Autumn Oslo “Oil Today Tomorrow” -Conference.

I was in touch with Karlstad and BI for the first time after 00′ to invite them to join NESU’s most international biannual event, NESU Conference. They didn’t hop on track this time but hoped to be invited also to Spring Conference 2022. I also researched institutional fundings and partnership opportunities for NESU as history shows that there has been co-operation with different Nordic associations before.

Nordic Connections at ICCA Conference 2021 with ma girls Salla Ahokas and Silja Rouru.

What future actions should be considered?

It hasn’t been only fun and lust during the year. There is a lot of rebuilding and need of care taking the smaller units of NESU. For example, the state of Iceland is unstable. Past year has been draining there and actions will be brainstormed at the upcoming Union Meeting. Feel free to join that hybrid meeting on 5th November. It’s open to all NESUits as it is the meeting where decisions having impact on whole NESU Union are made.

You know, it’s the CHANGING WORLD (graphics Saga Korkeaniemi).

A lot of has happened, a lot of learning, thinking, and meeting people.  As a conclusion I can say that I’m glad that I ended up in this position. You know, what better on Earth would I have been doing with that time? As my final words I use the words of others, as a good university student does:

And if I could be with you
I keep on wonder why
If this whole escapade
Is it worth all this time?
And if I could be with you
I keep on wonder why
If this whole escapade
Is it worth all, all, all

How are you gonna run at the speed of time?
Ooh ooh wonderchild
How are you gonna breathe if you’re underground?
How many times will you try?
How are you gonna walk at the rainbows edge?
Ooh ooh wonderchild
Ooh ooh wonderchild
Everything comes to an end

Christian Walz – Wonderchild

Great song.

Noora Tiainen,
President of NESU 2020-2021

Wonderchild (photo by me🪂).