Hi NESUits!


It is time for the second blogpost from the board of NESU Finland ’16-’17. This time I, Tommi Hokkanen, will tell you about my year as the Communications Coordinator of NESU Finland. But first I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.


I started my studies in University of Jyväskylä in autumn 2015 and during the first weeks of student life, I was introduced to NESU and I was hooked right away. I applied to NESU-Jyväskyläs board and I was elected to be the Communications Coordinator of 2016. After that in July 2016 at NESU Finlands summer cottage I applied to the Board of NESU Finland. At this time I guess it is pretty obvious that I was elected to be the Communications Coordinator of NESU Finland ’16-’17. It has been an honor for me to be a part of this great organization and I have had the time of my life travelling trough Finland with all the lovely NESUits.


So, what have I done during this year as the Communications Coordinator? My main responsibility is to maintain this website and also I have been responsible to take care of our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, not to mention our maybe to most precious channel – email. Most of my time has gone updating nesu.net and finding solutions to different kind of problems with it. At the meantime I have tried to improve communication between NESU-cities as much as possible. I have also been the “graphic designer” of this year’s board, which includes designing Facebook-event banners and overall badges.


During this year I have had some time management-problems, since I have also been the head of NESU-Jyväskyläs board, but still it has been a pleasant year for me and I have learned a lot. When I started as Communications Coordinator, I had almost no experience from html or photo editing, but this year has given me the change to improve myself in those areas. Being part of this wonderful team has really taught me about myself as a team player and how to manage organizing events.


If you are thinking about applying to the board of NESU Finland, I honestly can say that you wont regret it! The next board will be chosen in NESU Finlands summer cottage in Jyväskylä in July. If you have anything to ask about my position, don’t be afraid to contact me trough email or just send me a message on Facebook. I’ll be happy to answer all the questions.


See you at the kesämöksä!


Yours truly,

Tommi Hokkanen

Communication Coordinator

NESU Finland 2016-2017