Hello there!

It is my turn to tell about my year as the member of the board of NESU Finland. To start with, I am Pipsa Harno from NESU-KY and during the past year, my main responsibility in the board has been projects and in addition to that, I have acted as our vice chairman.

Being the person responsible of projects in this year’s NESU Finland board I was given quite a unique task. For the first time ever, NESU Finland is responsible for making the new edition of the NESU songbook. With our team of seven active NESU-members from all around Finland, we started our project of updating the songbook. Having no clue where to start, what to do or how to make a book in general, I must say I have learned a lot. Leading a group was also a first-time experience for me and definitely thought me a lot. Our job with the songbook is almost done and if everything goes as planned, the brand-new edition of the songbook will be available in autumn. I really hope you will like it!

In addition to the songbook, Wappurundi and Ruisrock ticket sale were the biggest projects of my year. Concrete examples of what I did for those projects are for example booking the bus, scheduling the journey and getting sponsors for Wappurundi and for Ruisrock ticket sale, being in contact with Ruisrock and delivering the tickets to all the nesuits.

I think there is a lot of room for development in NESU Finland so if you are interested in NESU and you have some thoughts how to improve this organization don’t hesitate to apply for the next year’s board. If you have any questions about my position in the board or being part of the NESU Finland’s board in general, don’t hesitate to ask! Send me a message on Facebook, text me, send me a letter or smoke signal, I’ll be happy to answer you!

I hope to see you at Kesämöksä!