The new board was chosen at Kesämöksä and now it’s time to introduce them to all you nesuits!

Hi everyone!

My name is Elise Sivonen and I am the Chairperson of NESU-Boomi and the new Project Coordinator and Vice Chair of NESU Finland. As a third year student I still have the energy to participate the NESU events and new fresh ideas to develop this unique student union. I have been an active nesuit for over two years now and NESU has been very important part of my life since I started my studies at the University of Tampere.

I am looking forward to this year in the board of NESU Finland and to organize the legendary NESU event called “Vappurundi” next spring! With the other very skilled board members I am also ready to help all NESU organizations in any kinds of situations and do my best to develop NESU in Finland.

If you happen to have anything on your mind concerning NESU or any new ideas for events that NESU Finland could organize, please contact me or other board members! Until next time! 🙂


Hejsan! The Treasurer coming through!

The name’s Pyry Mustajärvi and I hopped aboard NESU Finland with the rest of this great board. I’m currently studying my second year in University of Vaasa and I’m representing the team in red overalls, NESU-Waasa. I’ve been part of the board ’18 of NESU-Waasa during this previous year in charge of communications and felt that I should bring this enthusiasm to the national level.

I am looking forward to being part of NESU as it is and hope to improve NESU as an organization and leave my personal handprint to the action.


Hello everyone!

My name is Tia Rahkila and I’m operating as the Communications Coordinator this year in our board. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you but for the ones who do not yet know me, I’m a curly haired, optimistic and active nesuit currently completing my bachelor studies in Oulu University. This means that I’m a member of NESU-Finanssi and you can find me wearing purple overalls.

I hope to use my experiences of organizing different themed and sized events and projects as well as my desire to always learn new skills in order to reach our goals developing NESU Finland during the coming year.

I am super excited about this year and all the things we can experience together! Even though I am working more closely with the communicators of each NESU organization, I hope that if there is anything on your mind what I could help you with, you wouldn’t hesitate to contact me.

-Hope to meet you all in NESU events all over Finland!


Hello to everyone from my side also!

I’m Kosti Hokkanen, a member of NESU-Enklaavi, and I’m the new Country Representative of NESU Finland. Currently I’m beginning my fourth year of studies so I might be a familiar face in NESU events for many of you already. I’m very excited of the year in the board of NESU Finland since I want to help all NESU organizations to flourish and gain new active members.

If you ever happen to have any idea, question or something other to say about NESU, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. I’ll do my best to set the course of NESU in Finland to an even better track. With the help of my experience in developing NESU organizations, capabilities learned from worklife and having an active board, I’m confident that this year is going to be great.


With these introductions the game is on, hopefully we see many of you in NESU events in the near future!