Hello my dear nesuits!

My name is Aino-Elina Alaperä and I am the current treasurer of NESU Finland.

I started my studies at the University of Tampere in 2016. I study insurance and risk management as my major, which is a little funny since I am maybe the most accident prone person alive.

Despite breaking a few bones during my NESU career, I have had the time of my life attending, organizing and doing everything in between in NESU. Ever since my first sitsiparty, I knew NESU was something special I wanted to be apart of. I have to admit applying to NESU Finland board last summer was a bit of a sudden decision. The thought had been at the back of my mind for a long time but I did make the final decision to apply at NESU kesämoksä last summer.

I am the treasurer of NESU Finland, which means that my most important task is to handle our financials. This means handling bills and payments, preparing a financial statement twice a year (to kesämöksä and NESU dagenit) and of course at the end of my year as the treasurer, to prepare the financial statement of the year. Important things this year have also included the NESU Songbook and NESU hats, the new NESU website and Wappurundi.

As the treasurer you have the freedom to take on additional tasks basically as much as you have time to, since treasurer’s tasks are mostly focused to certain parts of the year.

My year in the NESU Finland board has been educational, fun and eventful. My year in NESU Finland board is however coming to its end and it is soon time to elect my successor. Could it be you?

If you have any questions regarding the tasks of the treasurer or being a board member of NESU Finland, please do not hesitate to contact me!

See you at Kesämöksä!

Lots of love,