Over here at NESU Finland we thought it might be a good idea to introduce everyone in the board to the community and get a look at what kind of people we have running the NESU Finland circus this year. Here’s what our dear Mr. Chairman had to say about himself:

Hello all you friends and loved ones!

This year we have a plan with NESU-Finland to keep you updated with different posts in this blog on what’s going on in NESU-Finland. The idea is that in the beginning we will introduce ourselves and after that we continue with recent updates on what has happened and what’s going to happen in the future.

I’m happy that I got the honor to start the blogging. I start by introducing myself. Some of you I already know from before and the rest of you that I haven’t yet got the opportunity to meet I will hopefully meet during the upcoming year. My name is Thomas “Linkku” Lindqvist and I’m a fifth year student at Hanken School of Economics. This means that I come from the great community of NESU-SHS. I have a rather long history of student activities at our student union and I was helping to start NESU-SHS in 2012. It wasn’t the easiest path to start NESU-SHS because the mindset at SHS was a little bit against NESU for many years. Luckily we had Henrik Dahlman, Ville Tyni and Tii Pylvänäinen who were enthusiastic enough to get it going. When they asked me join them I didn’t doubt at all!

I was a little bit surprised when I was elected as country representative and chairman for NESU-Finland. One reason I was surprised was that I was most of the last year abroad and hadn’t been so active for because of that, but mostly because there were two other truly awesome candidates who both are in the board this year.

Our board this year consists of the following awesome dudes and dudettes: Hannes Ehgartner (Vice Chairman & Intercity relations), Kristiina Sorsa (International affairs), Minna Kortesmaa (Treasurer), Lauri “Hessu” Nurmela (Communications) and Otto Buure (Projects & Corporate Relations). The best team you can imagine!

We started officially in the beginning of September. The beginning has been mostly about getting all the basic stuff to roll, orientation and of course travelling around Finland and meeting as many of you as possible. We have plenty of plans for the upcoming year and I truly hope that we succeed in finalizing our plans as well. In the end of October we are all coming to Iceland for the autumn conference and we are really looking forward to experience what NESU-Iceland have to offer us! This is the first time we are all together after the election (even Hessu flies to Iceland from Canada, woopwoop!). The conference will be an event to keep an eye on also because the new NESU president will be elected there. The procedure of the election will be reported at our twitter feed @NESUFinland, don’t forget to follow us!

When we have survived the conference it’s time for the Eastern Finland tour (Itä-Suomen rundi), which is organized November 18-20. The tour will be arranged in Lappeenranta-Joensuu-Kuopio with one sits in every city. We will organize a bus that will transport everybody from one city to another, but we need as many of you to attend as possible to succeed with the transportation (I don’t see this as a large problem seeing how well I know you all ;)).

This year we have a couple of main interests in our activities: communication, international affairs and fundraising. Not a piece of cake, I know..

  • On the communications matter we see that it’s really important that you all know what’s happening in NESU Finland all the time and that’s why we want to put an extra effort on these blogs, our facebook group and twitter.
  • Fundraising is always tough because NESU is well known as a big party community, but we try to organize some business visits and happenings; through that we may get the possibility for fundraising too. The main thought is that we get a cash-flow with earnings so that we can support all the NESU-organizations as much as possible.
  • And then of course the international affairs. Today we have NESU in three countries: Finland, Iceland and Tallinn (and yes, I know Tallinn isn’t a country for itself, but you get the point… ;)). We try to attract Sweden, Norway and Denmark to join NESU as well and we already have a good start. Morten from Denmark was already at NESU-KY’s first sits and he’ll be joining us in Iceland as well (heads up ladies!).

In addition to these three and maybe the most important, we want to visit you all as much as possible, both in Finland and abroad! It’s going to be an epic year and hope to see as many of you as possible!

Sincerely yours,


Country representative 2014-2015

PS. If you are in Helsinki, don’t be afraid to contact me. Let’s have a beer or a coffee together or why not even go out and feed some ducks if you want to!