Dear Nesuits,

I am the newly elected President of NESU and since it is physically impossible to introduce myself to everyone I decided to do it like this.

Who am I?

I am 23 years old and I just started my 4th year in Aalto University School of Business so I am obviously also a member of NESU-KY. NESU has been a big part of me during my whole student life. I started as an active member of NESU-KY in 2011 and the next summer I got elected to the board of NESU Finland. My biggest project in NESU was being one of the head organizers in the spring conference 2014 in Helsinki. I have been to 5 conferences now in total and visited 14 different NESU cities in 3 different countries.

After doing so much on the national level in Finland I think I have the knowledge, will and ideas to be the President of NESU.

What does the President do?

Being President is not easy. “The President is head of NESU’s organization and in charge of Nordic matters.” What does it really mean? Many say that it is the President’s responsibility to make sure NESU spreads to unactive Nordic countries. I don’t think this is the case although there is truth to it too.

Spreading NESU to unactive Nordic countries is everyone’s duty in NESU. One person can not do this alone and it is not smart on the long term. Every city and every Nesuit should act when they face an opportunity to spread NESU. These opportunities may come during your exchange studies or just while meeting people in the most unexpected situations.

The President is the one who coordinates this in the best way he or she can. So when you face an opportunity to spread NESU to Sweden, Norway or Denmark act on it and then inform me (or the current President). Also if you have any ideas of how to get new member to NESU – don’t keep them to yourself. Inform me and we can figure out together a smart way to proceed.

So what am I actually doing?

I have been the President for about a month now and the work has already started. I have been talking with country representatives about their situations, and with Tampere and a few other cities about their interests towards organizing conferences in the future. I have also had a meeting with NESU Finland about their international affairs and we had a good meeting with Kristiina Sorsa just last meeting.

I have a few concrete goals for my year as the President:

  1. Consolidation of Iceland’s and Estonia’s role in the union (to get more active members in the long term)
  2. Creating sustainable practices to the role and work of the President
  3. Uplifting the brand of the President so there will be more interest and competition towards the post in the future
  4. Getting new countries to NESU (Denmark as the first priority)


The easiest way to contact the President – no matter who he or she is – is . You can also message me on Facebook or just come and talk to me at sitsi parties or other events. I am happy to answer any questions or just talk about NESU.

Hope you have all had a good autumn. I can’t wait to meet you all, I have the feeling this will be a good year for the whole organization!

Best regards,

Anna Alppinen

NESU President 2014-2015