I’m Kosti Hokkanen, the current Country Representative as well as the Chairman of the NESU Finland’s board. Now that our year is almost behind there is a good moment to look back a bit. In the next couple of paragraphs I tell you a bit about my experiences.

The setup for board cooperation differs greatly from other student associations you are probably more familiar with. Being a fully remotely working board brings its own flavor to the operation. I was a bit worried about how the year would start since especially from the coordination point-of-view it’s always more difficult when you don’t see the people you work with for long periods. Now I can look back and see that those worries were unnecessary.

Maybe the best part of being in NESU Finland’s board is the freedom to execute ideas when they feel good. We were able to select the areas we wanted to focus on and our year was shaped to fit our points of interest. Just as a quick recap, we were able to for example create a strategy for our association, update the rules accordingly, begin using a proper CRM tool, create a four-part Youtube video series about the NESU Conference in Iceland, start a new series of blog posts (Stories about NESU) and many other projects.

For me this year has been a very good opportunity to learn leadership in remote working environment. Also the people I have been working with have been the absolute best part of this position. I would recommend the position of a Country Representative to all nesuits who are interested in developing the union both inside Finland as well as on international level. As a Country Representative, you are responsible of presenting Finland in the union and also coordinating the cooperation of Finland’s NESU organizations through their chairmen. That brings lots of possibilities to help the union reach its full potential.

If the country representative’s position isn’t just for you, I would still recommend applying for the board! During the year, you will be able to learn a lot about different NESU organizations and help them develop better and better events for business students around Finland.

So a little reminder on how to apply: Send your freeform application to nesu-finland@nesu.net before 23:55 on Sunday 21st of July.

We are eagerly waiting for your applications!

Kosti Hokkanen
Chairman of the Board and Country Representative ’18-’19
Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union – NESU Finland ry