You know the feeling when as a small freshman you hear all these amazing stories about different events and the great time people are having there? The excitement when you are rushing to sign up for an event that you really want to attend? That’s what happened to me about a year ago when I attended for the first time of my life first Wappurundi and then Kesämöksä.

I was eagerly looking forward to Kesämöksä because that was when I could be reunited with all the new friends from all over Finland I had made during the year. Of course I was also looking forward to the “vibe” and obviously the sits party too. I can still remember how I shyly lifted up my hand when the previous Country Representative Noora, asked if there was someone who’d like to apply to the board, sitting in the meeting even though they hadn’t sent an application. When the applying period was still open, I remember thinking that it might be too much for a freshman but in the meeting I decided to be brave and express my willingness to develop NESU in Finland.

It payed off to be a little brave and it has already been a year since that day standing in front of a bunch of people I barely knew. Boy, this year has gone by extremely fast! This year holds in thousands of kilometers in busses or trains, dozens of sits parties, wonderful new friends, crazy stories and above all a lot of learning about new things and a little about myself as well.

I have learned a lot about NESU as an organization, how to sustain an organization, basic principles of an organization and of course about the GDPR, which we all are pretty familiar with 😀

I have had the chance to learn how to manage web pages, which is something I had never done before. It goes without saying, that it took time to learn it through experimenting and a little “playing” with the software but I now consider this knowledge as an asset in my work and personal life. I’ve had the chance to execute visual communication especially in the social media. I’ve worked together with the whole board to make sure that you members have had an easy access to enjoyable and important information. The visual content production has probably been the most creative and fun thing I have had the chance to do as a Communications Coordinator. It’s been really inspiring to work on something that doesn’t feel like a job and that most likely why I have enjoyed it so much. I have also learned to exploit different tools in project management, to plan and schedule communicational informing.

These are just a few things my past year has included and what kind of different skills I’ve learned as a board member of NESU Finland. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with all the Communication Coordinators of each NESU-organization and I’d like to cheer you up to the second half of the year -so keep up the good work!

In addition to all above, I’ve made many new and lifelong friendships, which I’m truly grateful of. Also, I have gained new and different perspective on different current themes, which are related to economics as well as everything else. This new visions are partly why I have grown as a person and which have guided me with my studies. For example I have learned that you don’t have to be anxious or nervous about every little “performance” because a more relaxed attitude will probably carry you more easily through it.

A big thank you to the board of ’17-’18 for all the support while considering applying to this position and especially to Elina for having my back. Also an enormous thank you to the board of  ’18-’19 just for the whole year and all the good times we’ve had and the ones yet to come!

To all you readers and to who are considering applying to the board: please be brave once in a while ‘cause I promise it’ll be worth it!

Tia Rahkila
Communications Coordinator ’18-’19
Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union – NESU Finland ry