NESU-Boomi: Shall we sits already?

March 5, 2017By NESU-BoomiBlog

”Helan går! Sjung hoppfaderallanlallanlej! Helan går! Sjung hoppfaderallanlallanlej! Och den som inte Helan tar, han ej heller Halvan får. Helan går! Sjung hoppfaderallanlej! HEJ!” so the traditional sits anthem echoes across a room full of singing nesuits, filling the space from floor to the ceiling. People chat in a cheerful manner, and strangers instantly become friends. This is a weekend-long event called NESU-Dagen where old and new Nesuits gather together to get to know each other and new board members NESU come to learn about their jobs. Here business students from all over Finland meet and different ages and backgrounds blend together. The fun doesn’t end until the break of dawn. A week later people encounter the same familiar faces at another event where they already joke as if they had known each other for a long time. This is NESU at its best; networking, joy and laughter. It is also what our new board of NESU-Boomi wants to offer.

The board of 2017 has gotten the wheels of NESU-Boomi little by little turning again. In the lead of this young pack of nesuits is Lassi Viljakainen, who has already reached the respectable merit of going through 60 sitsi parties. One of the more experienced members is also Heidi Mokkila, a second-year-student who is the one to lean on to when dealing with corporate relations. The four new, yet eager, economy students bring ambitious energy into this group. Three of them, Santeri Seppälä (treasurer), Sanna Meriläinen (communications) and Annika Wester (secretary & graphics), already got sucked into the world of NESU during the NESU Autumn Conference in Oulu. The fourth, sits coordinator Elise Sivonen, has attended so many sitsi parties in such a short time that she already gets mistaken as a 3rd year student.

NESU-Boomi’s year got kicked off on Valentine’s Day with Candy Crush sitsi party, which was a huge success. 200 nesuits gathered in Messukylä to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day together, and over 100 of them were from other NESU cities. Our team is already looking forward to our next Emergency -themed sitsi party that will be the last stop of Wappurundi on the 21st of April. In addition to that we will also arrange three sitsi parties in the Fall. All in all, NESU-Boomi has quite a traditional year ahead that includes five sitsi parties. Since there isn’t anything too special going on this year, the team wants to concentrate on activating the local students to go to sits in other cities and arrange the best sitsi parties possible here in Tampere. We want everyone to experience the unique NESU spirit.

Wishing you all a year full of NESU,

The board of NESU-Boomi ’17


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