The beginning of the year 2017 has been very busy but the more rewarding for NESU-Finanssi. As the highlight of the Spring, in January we had the pleasure of hosting the NESU Dagen for the first time in six years. The night before we organized a “Royalty” sits party, where plenty of Dagen attendants were also present. At NESU Dagen the new NESU boards from all over Finland and Tallinn gathered in Oulu for this legendary weekend to network and familiarize themselves with their positions and duties in the board. So many new friends were made during that weekend, the new board got a good kick-start for the upcoming NESU year and we got a heart-warming amount of positive feedback from the participants. So, all in all, great success!

Last Saturday we organized another sits party in “Outer Space” theme. There was a joyful amount of NESUits from other cities present and the evening was very enjoyable and successfully carried out. Some other local events have been organized this Spring as well and a few are still coming up before the end of the semester.

The current board of NESU-Finanssi consists of seven amazingly active and efficient members. The president of the board is the last year’s communications coordinator, Anna-Stina Vähänen, and her former position was filled by Elina Lukkarila. Taru Paavola coordinates the NESU events other than sits parties and in charge of corporate relations we have Lauri Luomalahti. Ella Rantamaa and Taru Riipi are our sits coordinators and Veera Puro is responsible of the food and decoration for all sits parties.

The 17’ board members have brought some fresh and creative ideas for this year. Our objectives are to develop NESU activity in Oulu, create new exciting event concepts, inspire people to network with fellow business students and have fun while doing it.

The whole board attended the NESU-Boomi’s sits party on Valentine’s day and several members have been eagerly networking at sits parties in other cities as well. Also we had our student association well represented in NESU Spring Conference in Vaasa. All in all, NESUits from Oulu have been really active when it comes to attending events in other cities. Next stop: NESU-Finland’s Case Competition in Lappeenranta!

We have enjoyed a lot the past few months of NESU and expect the rest of the year to be even better. Besides the good and old ones, some entirely new event concepts are coming up in Autumn, so stay tuned!
Sits parties – best
Networking – best
NESU – best
NESU-Finanssi ‘17