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NESU-Dagen 2016, 22.-24.1.2016

Greetings from Lappeenranta! On behalf of the whole board of NESU-Enklaavi – here is a short recap on one of the best weekends ever and of course we’re talking about the NESU-Dagen 2016!

This marvellous event reminded us once again why we applied and have contributed to various NESU-activities in the first place and why the existence of NESU-organizations is important. For those who have not yet acquainted themselves with the event – NESU-Dagen is an event where all of the NESU-boards in different business schools in Finland gather together for a great weekend. The weekend itself consists of a meeting of organizations presidents, a national meeting of all participants and of course the most epic sits-party of the year. Participants came over to Lappeenranta from all over Finland, representing their own in their overalls, which colors nearly represented all of the colors of a rainbow. Participants weren’t selected by their years being active with NESU, for there was plenty of rookies, shall we say and of course, a good amount of NESU-legends present.

The weekend took a running start on Friday with the meeting of presidents of Finnish organizations. Although the big party was held on Saturday, the most eager of this big bunch came already on Friday to catch up with old friends and for the newbies to see what the fuss was all about. When returning from the bar back to the place where we hosted the event, we knew at that point, that there was very little sleeping ahead for the weekend. Many couldn’t stop socializing and having fun so the music was blasted until about 9AM. For sure, very little sleep ahead.

After getting approximately 30 minutes of actual sleep, it was time for us – the hosts – to start preparations for the evening. Of course the most eager guests also started crawling away from their beds, waking up, little by little, one by one. Most of the guests arrived about 2PM and it was time for the national meeting and the workshops. The highlight of the weekend being the sits-party that stretched a bit longer than usual. You almost could hear the windows cracking from the singing and smacking the tables. The atmosphere was amazing from the beginning to the end, with endless amounts of laughter and “Mellan Sup!” The most disappointing moment again was when Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On started which meant and end for the sits. But the night was far from over and with lots of music, dancing, along with “casual” robbing of ones flags, we again continued until the sunrise.

On Sunday afternoon we ate and tried to remember the night before with a smile on our face. Everyone met new and wonderful people and had a blast so waving goodbye for now was a tough bit. Exchanging bone-crushing hugs and gallons of tears from those who were going abroad to study for about six months or less, came a sudden realization how absolutely awesome it is being a part of NESU. This was networking at its best and it showed how priceless these experiences can be!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and have a sits-filled year!



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