Introducing NESU Finland ’15-’16: Country Representative

February 14, 2016By NESU FinlandBlog

Dear NESUits,

My name is Jannica Lehtonen and I am the country representative and chairman of NESU Finland.  I wrote this blog post so you would get to know more about me, my position as a country rep and about NESU Finland as an organization. So lets’s get started!


At the moment I am studying my fifth year at Hanken School of Economics, Vaasa Campus. When I started in NESU, it had been inactive in our university for about 20 years. Luckily my friend asked me to participate in NESU sits, where after I got to be a part of recreating NESU-Hanken i Vasa and also to be a member of our first board that was established 2013. After I realized what NESU really is about, it swept me off my feet and there was no turning back.


Back to the tasks of a country representative. The main tasks are being a contact person towards our president and functioning as the chairman for the NESU chairmen network. The chairmen network consists of all the NESU chairmen in Finland and it discusses the direction of NESU in Finland as well as decides things like the cities where NESU Dagen and Wappurundi will be held.  However, my primary task is to function as a chairman of the board of NESU Finland.


Being a chairman of a board is a lot about the team behind oneself and in that I consider myself lucky since our team is a set of hard-working individuals with unique skills, a true 5/5. A great team definitively makes a chairman’s role easier, since my task is to take the final responsibility of all actions and to make sure that we work for the best of this organization.


So now a bit more about NESU Finland and why I see its’ role important as a trailblazer, developer and brander. NESU is very different in all of the NESU cities in Finland, but we still want to take NESU forward as a whole and coherent organization. Therefore, it is essential that someone draws the pieces together and makes a big picture from it. Thereby we listen everyone’s voice and try to develop NESU towards to direction that benefits us all. Our aim is not only develop NESU on a national level but also to help the cities in developing their own work and give them ideas of the possible ways to take their operations forward. We also strive for developing the brand of NESU for example by making new connections to the business world. Now we are launching the new NESU Case Competition in cooperation with NESU-SHS.


During the year 2016 we have already made a questionnaire for our members, decided to launch a case competition that is meant for all the NESUits from different cities (this was decided based on the questionnaire), figured out ways to get our financial situation to a more stable level and been seen both inside and outside of NESU. We have tried to boost our visibility by been active for example during Kylteripäivät, by having close contact with Merkantila Klubben (the only Finnish economic student association that is not yet part of NESU) and by having close contact with the business world. We believe that especially launching the Case Competition is a great development and part of taking this organization and the brand of NESU forward. We hope that this also answers NESUits thirst of using their intellectual capital to solve a case and to create contacts to the business world. In case you, dear NESUit have some more development ideas for us, we are always ready to hear you out. So don’t hesitate to come and grab our hand!


Truly Yours,
Jannica Lehtonen

Country representative and Chairman

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